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Since 2003 I have been co-owner and editorial director of a N. California lifestyle publication, called 110° Magazine. Because I’m a ghostwriter, I’ve been writing most of the editorial content in other people’s names as a device to conceal the fact that, as my partner said, “The articles shouldn’t look like they were written by one person.” More than that, the drafts would always be written to the editorial standard, delivered before the deadline, and (of course) would cost us nothing.

Fortunately, I’m an efficient writer and have found it to be no problem writing five to seven articles each month for the magazine. In addition, I ghostwrite a number of books. When a client has enough time for the project, I can write a 160-page book in two months. (I actually wrote two books in this fashion for a client.)

With neither scientific training nor aptitude, I ghostwrote a successful book and innumerable articles as a Silicon Valley technical writer. Ghostwriting is my gift, because it turned out that I am good at grasping what a person is trying to say and then putting it into language that is understandable and readable. During one read thru, a veterinarian told me after describing her treatment of an ailing horse, “Don, you wrote that passage like you have a degree in veterinary medicine.”

I have written books on many topics and take great joy in the satisfaction that I was often bringing into people’s lives. They were commonly delighted in seeing what we were able to write together.

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